Building efficiency and improving the nation’s energy grid are among the topics Danfoss has scheduled for its two EnVisioneering symposiums this year.

The first one, “Energy NewBuild,” will be held June 10 in Washington, D.C. It will tackle the changes now under way in building efficiency.

The next symposium, scheduled for November in Florida, is titled “Creating Grid 2.0: Launching a Utility-Telecom-HVAC Strategic Smart Grid Dialogue,” and will discuss the cooperation efforts being developed to improve the nation’s energy infrastructure.

The exact date has yet to be announced.

“Last year, the U.S. saw an upturn in its economy and a stronger and evolving commitment to energy efficiency. This year’s EnVisioneering symposia series, therefore, presents a great and timely opportunity to continue to delve into the dialogue about cost-effective energy efficiency,” said Robert Wilkins, president of Danfoss North America. “At Danfoss, we believe that energy efficiency is no longer an option. And, we’re pleased to be a part of the ongoing conversation that promotes a secure energy future by providing industry leaders a forum to discuss and exchange ideas.”

Go to this website for details on the EnVisioneering series.