WaterFurnace Renewable Energy Inc. recently introduced a new brand of geothermal heat pumps and related equipment. The new equipment also comes with a new distribution strategy.

The GeoStar brand is described as a “premium distributor brand” that will be sold only to select wholesale distributors who will then offer the line to their contractor customers.

“The trend in demand for geothermal systems is incredibly positive,” said Tom Huntington, WaterFurnace president and CEO. “Our long-established WaterFurnace brand is strong and is distributed on a direct-to-dealer basis to over 800 contracting businesses that have chosen to make geothermal part of their offering to consumers. The new GeoStar brand will allow us to pursue greater share of the geothermal market, via wholesale distributors, through contractors who are not WaterFurnace dealers.”

According to John Preston, WaterFurnace director of distributor sales, the GeoStar brand is differentiated by overall product design and efficiency ratings.

“It’s a different product line and a different distribution strategy,” he said. “As demand for geothermal systems increases, we need to be in position to take full advantage of the growth opportunities. Many other manufacturers in the HVAC industry support multiple brands and different channels of distribution. So this is not anything revolutionary for our industry, but it is an important step for WaterFurnace.”

For more information on the GeoStar line, visitwww.geostar-geo.com.