Under the program, American Home Shield will give up to a $25,000 bonus to top contractors.

Residential service warranty company American Home Shield is offering program contractors up to $1.2 million in bonuses.

“We are very pleased to be taking the lead in establishing this innovative contractor rewards program that puts customer service front and center,” said Dave Quandt, senior vice president of field operations. “Our 11,000 licensed contractors service nearly one-and-a-half million customers each year.  It’s their feedback that best measures our quality, and AHS is challenging our contractors to always keep customer satisfaction top priority.”

Under the program, American Home Shield will give a $25,000 bonus to the top contractors in the categories of appliances, electrical, garage doors, HVAC, plumbing and pool/spa. An additional 180 contractors will earn up to $15,000 bonuses.

Awards are given out based on the number of work orders and other criteria. The program starts July 1.

“I encourage our technicians to treat each home as if it was their only customer that day,” said AHS contractor Greg McCallister, owner of Alpine Heating and Cooling in Tucson, Ariz. “When we’re called to a home, it’s usually because an appliance or system has broken down unexpectedly. The homeowner is understandably frustrated. We’re there not only to take care of the situation, but to do so in a way that’s professional, polite and respectful, and that ensures the overall experience is a positive one.”

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