Homeowners may receive extra government incentives to make energy-efficiency improvements, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America says.

The $800 billion economic stimulus bill being drafted by President-elect Barack Obama and congressional Democratic leaders includes more tax credits for homeowners who make HVAC equipment upgrades, the ACCA is reporting.

Under the proposal, the existing $500 tax credit for installing  high-efficiency air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps and hot water heaters is expanded to $1,500 for the next two years, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America's chief lobbyist, Charlie McCrudden, said in an e-mail to members.

The bill would not place limits on the amount that could be claimed for each type of improvement. Homeowners could use all $1,500 for one product, McCrudden said.

The stimulus bill also includes $50 billion  to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings, schools and lower-income homes.