The product lowers operating costs, officials say.

New Hampshire plasma cutter maker Hypertherm Inc. has released patented SilverPlus electrodes for the company’s HyPerformance systems.

The electrodes lower machinery operating costs by extending its useful life, officials said.

“HyPerformance Plasma already delivers the virtually dross-free cut quality of HyDefinition, but with faster cut speeds, and the longest consumable life in the industry,” said Gordon Rice, the leader of Hypertherm’s torch and consumables team. “Thanks to SilverPlus, it is possible to increase that consumable life even more. It’s just one more way Hypertherm is living up to its commitment to provide its customers with the greatest performance and value at the lowest possible cost.”

The electrodes are made by fusing a solid-silver tip onto a copper electrode base and putting a hafnium pin in the tip.