The Air Conditioning Contractors of America is urging members to contact their lawmakers to oppose legislation that the group says will eliminate nationwide minimum HVAC efficiency standards.

ACCA chief lobbyist Charlie McCrudden said the U.S. Senate could vote soon on a bill that would repeal the 13 seasonal energy-efficiency rating with local standards based on climate and humidity levels.

Similar legislation is under consideration in the U.S. House as well, McCrudden said.

The ACCA opposes the bills, saying they are unfair to small businesses, impossible to enforce and could keep less-efficient HVAC units in service, undermining one of the legislation’s goals.

The proposals are one of several that deal with energy efficiency currently being debated. Among the best known are bills that would force U.S. automakers to hike the fuel economy of cars and trucks.

ACCA officials worry Congress members could enact the HVAC regulations while they continue to discuss the automotive-related bills.