Honeywell has reached an agreement with an American manufacturer it said was making a product that infringed on its patent for a non-ozone-depleting refrigerant.

Terms and the name of the company were not disclosed.

“We have said since the beginning that we welcome honest and fair competition,” said David Diggs, global business director for Honeywell’s refrigerants division. “However, we have invested substantial resources to develop and commercialize our innovative refrigerant technology. Similarly, our OEM (original-equipment manufacturer) and aftermarket customers have invested their own resources to promote and offer our brand of products. We will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure that people respect our intellectual property and protect the investment our customers have made in Honeywell.

Honeywell has been aggressively targeting what it sees as patent abuses in recent months. In January, it secured a judgment against a Chinese chemical company and in June, it announced Italian authorities had seized 21 boxes of air-conditioning equipment that contained bootleg R-410A refrigerant.