The Product Preview periodical for the 2022 AHR Expo in Las Vegas is out now   and it's 27 pages long — providing attendants with a long list of heating, cooling, refrigeration and indoor air quality tools that have been under development over two years since the last, pre-COVID-19 expo. Of the more than 100 products in the Product Preview, several received innovation awards as well. 

Here are a few of our picks outside of the innovation award winners:


All aluminum heat exchanger coil from Indus International FZC (Booth N10335)

Indus International’s 5mm, 1/4” (6.35mm) & 7mm all Aluminum Tube-Fin Coils & Copper Tube-Fin Coils with compact geometry are applicable for low-GWP refrigerants such as R290, R32, R449A, R1234ze, and R1234yf.

Using enhanced fins for improved efficiency and low-refrigerant charge with corrosion resistant coating (i-Coat), it is ideal for use in severe environment conditions.


Pre-insulated duct for air transport from Stiferite SpA (Booth C5945)

From STIFERITE’s experience comes ISOCANALE, the system for cold and hot air transport in indoor and outdoor environments for residential, commercial, industrial and medical purposes.

The panels, core of the system, are made of polyiso foam coated with aluminum.

Accessories and tools which simplify the installation, complete the system. PIR panels are UNI EN 14308 certified and comply with the international directives LCA and EPD.

IAQin-duct humidity

In-duct humidification system from Smart Fog Manufacturing (Booth C6429)

Smart Fog offers a non-wetting in-duct humidification system that atomizes the water droplets entirely in the duct.

It does not require droplet screens or drains. 

The Smart Fog TS100 in-duct system is easy to install and requires little to no maintenance.

Eliminate mold, bacteria, viruses and insects, while achieving complete dust suppression (any size partials).

Sustainable Solutions

Iowa precision

Fabricating coil line from Mestek Machinery (Booth C1330)

The Iowa Precision Pro Fabriduct HVAC Duct Fabricating Coil Line has been enhanced to produce full width longitudinal seams.

These can create less chance of leakage in duct systems.

Tools and InstrumentsHot Melt Adhesive

Hot melt adhesive and sealant dispensing system from Hot Melt Technologies, Inc. (Booth C6819)

HMT ProFlex and Benchmark Hot Melt Systems dispense a variety of hot melt adhesives and sealants for many HVAC applications. Insulation attachment, seam sealing and filter assembly are a few of the applications that can be accomplished quickly using 100% thermoplastic hot melt adhesives. 

There are many additional applications where a hot melt adhesive and HMT can provide a solution.

Building Automation

Split core current controllerAC current sensor from Continental Control Systems, LLC (Booth C1067)

Continental Control Systems, LLC features the improved revenue-grade (ANSI C57.13 Class 0.6 and Class 0.3 ) ACTL split-core current transformers, (0.2% and 0.3%) and new line of flexible Rogowski coils with integrated signal conditioning for easier installation.

Comes as split, solid and flexible.


Thermal and energy analysis of buildings from CYPE Software (BOOTH N11431)Cype

The Cypetherm and MEP Suite calculates thermal loads, energy simulation, regulatory justification and sizing of HVAC installations.

Along with generating bill of quantities and possible improvement measures, all with traditional or Open BIM Workflow and connected with Augmented and Virtual Reality.