Milwaukee Tool has expanded its hand-tool offerings with several new metalworking tools. Providing durability and performance, the new line consists of six new tinner snip models that include the compound-offset tinner snip, a 3-inch Speed Seamer and a five-blade HVAC crimper for ductwork. The six new snips are divided into three types:  the compound-offset tinner, classic tinners and lightweight tinners. The compound-offset tinner snips are ideal for tough cuts and deliver twice as much force as the competition, the company says. The user is able to achieve easier cuts in tough metal materials with less effort. In addition, the tool features 45-degree, all-metal forged offset blades to keep the user’s hands above the material while cutting, and Bolt-Lock technology, so the blades will not loosen over time. The classic models will also feature Bolt-Lock technology and all metal-forged blades with up to 40 percent larger handle loops for easy use with gloves. The lightweight tinner snip is an aluminum-bodied snip with replaceable blades. It is ideal for long cuts in sheet metal or ductwork.

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