Fresh-Aire UV has a control panel for monitoring ultraviolet-C wavelength feedback, safety and efficacy for its commercial series of ultraviolet light-using HVAC market systems. The electromechanical, transparent plastic control box, which is compatible with most building automation systems, features a front panel hour meter that displays real-time UV lamp life. It can send an alarm when replacement lamps are needed or a default is detected. The clear-view front panel also features a red light indicating the UV system’s operational status. An optional radiometer and its LED readout display separately tracks each lamp’s microwatt degradation. The Fresh-Aire UV control panel is designed to work with Fresh-Aire UV’s commercial Apco rack system, tube rack system and other Fresh-Aire UV systems. It can also accommodate an unlimited number of lamps to simplify large systems for installing contractors and streamline maintenance and operations for building engineers and technicians, the company says.

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