BuilderBooks, the book publishing segment of the National Association of Home Builders, released a new publication, Managing Your Business with 7 Key Numbers. This book lays out a process that will help business owners see where they stand with every job, by monitoring seven key numbers that drive all profits and cash flow. Industry veterans Jeff Prager and Scott Stroud provide a different approach to business management, one that puts the focus on cash flow rather than profits. Managing Your Business With 7 Key Numbers was written to help small business owners understand how to get and keep control of the key areas of their business. BusinessManuel_IN

It takes readers through the fundamentals of management focusing on the right questions to ask in order to drive profitability. The book also shows builders and remodelers how to develop a process that alerts them immediately when costs or scheduling deviate from the estimate — in time to make adjustments to ensure profitability and cash flow.

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