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1. Plasma cutter

plasma cutter

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 A plasma cutter isn’t exactly a tool that sheet metal workers can carry around in their pockets — as nice as this model from Advance Cutting Systems is. If you’re looking for a good review of the sheet metal machines you’ll find on a shop floor, visit the sheet metal machinery tab on

2. Degalvanizing agents

galvanizing removal

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Galvanizing build-up from sheet metal fabrication can be bad for roll forming equipment, production efficiency, and profits. Duro Dyne’s Stripper spray maintenance system is a degalvanizing agent that strips fabrication machines of messy build up.

3. Blazer Drill Screws


Triangle Fastener Corporation recently received FM approval for their ¼-14 BLAZER-3 Drill Screws in carbon steel. The FM approval is for screw attachments per classes 4471 (Panel Roofs) and 4881 (Exterior Wall Systems). These screws are provided with TRI-SEAL long-life finish and are approved in lengths up to 11”.

Add these to your toolbox. BLAZER Drill Screws are often specified by many metal roof and wall panel manufactures including producers of insulated metal panels (IMP). .

4. Aviation snips

aviation snips

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Midwest Tool & Cutlery Company specializes in one of our favorite tools — snips! Recently celebrating its 75th anniversary, Midwest Tool manufacturers an impressive variety of aviation snips for right and left hands and is well known for their quality.

In the FIELD


5. PPE

windbreaker jacket

It goes without saying that there aren’t enough things in the sheet metal industry designed with women in mind. This new PPE line from Radians is a first. Designed by women to fit women, the new Radians RW12L is a women’s Type R, Class 3 Hi-Vis rain jacket that is lightweight and functions as a windbreaker, too.

The jacket also features an adjustable hem with toggle, underarm zipper for venting, and is packable for easy portability. Designed for wet and windy conditions, the RW12L is constructed from lightweight ripstop waterproof polyester.

“PPE that doesn’t fit properly can result in catch hazards and increase the risk of injury. After all, oversized protective clothing can easily get caught in machinery and become a detriment to safety versus an aid,” explains Nicole Novick, Radian’s Hi-Vis product champion.

6. Safety eyewear

construction worker in safety glasses

Radians also recently launched THRAXUS, a new generation of iconic safety eyewear. Designed with straighter lines and edgier surface junctions, THRAXUS is peak contemporary high-performance protective eyewear.

“We used the latest patented technologies and materials in our new THRAXUS line,” says Radians president, Bill England. “This next generation of highly-protective and ultra-comfortable safety eyewear is offered at an unbelievable price point that safety managers can’t ignore. The premium features and Uber-style create the look and feel of expensive luxury eyewear without the high price. Choosing THRAXUS lets safety pros turn ordinary vision protection programs into worker-invested programs that boost compliance, productivity, and morale.”

THRAXUS is available in several lens colors, including clear, smoke, blue mirror, and IQuity anti-fog options.

7. Safety vests with tethers

safety vest with tethers

Lastly, Radians has introduced a new tether ready vests with retractable tool tethers. Radians retractable tethers meet the ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standard for dropped object prevention solutions. This standard establishes minimum design, performance, testing and labeling requirements for solutions that reduce dropped objects incidents in industrial and occupational settings.

According to the ISEA, “Struck-by falling objects kill hundreds of individuals each year and injure tens of thousands more.” OSHA reports that “on average, nearly 140 people are ‘Struck by A Falling Object’ everyday in the US.”

“Radians’ new tether products are a relevant and rapidly growing safety practice, especially while working at heights,” says Dave Larimer, vice president of industrial sales. “Our unique integrated system will play a significant role in workplace safety. Not only does our system prevent objects from dropping but the tethers and tools are securely contained in heavy-duty grommeted anchor pockets inside the vests when tools are not in use. This prevents the tether from entangling.”

8. M18 FUEL hammer drill, drill/driver

hammer drill

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Milwaukee Tool’s new M18 FUEL Hammer Drill, Drill/Driver is a ground-up redesign of the motor, mechanical, and electrical components. These newest additions include ONE-KEY functionality so users can also easily customize, track, and manage the tools through the app on their mobile device. Accessible within the app are a range of new features such as Anti-Kickback technology and a self-tapping screw mode that automatically shuts the tool off once a screw is seated.

9. ProGlove's Mark 2 wearable technology

fist wearing a smart glove

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Better than your average set of work gloves, ProGlove’s MARK 2 wearable technology provides hands-free scanning solutions across a number of industries.

10. Trimble XR10 with Microsoft HoloLens 2

construction worker pointing up

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The new Trimble XR10 with Microsoft HoloLens 2 has been everything tech savvy contractors have been waiting for and more. It’s hard hat compatible, of course, and is the first device created with the Microsoft Hololens Customization Program, integrating the latest spatial computing technology.

11. DEWALT ToughSystem Radio

DEWALT radio

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  If you haven’t seen this at a job site already, you’ve probably heard it. DEWALT’s ToughSystem 2.0 Radio and Charger (DWST08820) delivers powerful 360 sound and durability.

12. RTU Lift System

RTU Lift System

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  The RTU Lift System is compatible with commercial HVAC units for safe and easy installation. Not all rooftop installations or replacements are able to be accessed by a crane due to power lines, property restrictions, other obstacles.