On the fence about investing in a waterjet cutter? A Brooklyn, New York-based startup, WAZER, is making it affordable to dip a toe in the technology before diving in the deep end. Retailing around $7,499-$8,499, the company’s compact waterjet systems produce low volume prototyping and other end-user parts in a package that can comfortably fit on a tabletop. 

“Big machines are dedicated to production, so often the engineers cannot use them for prototyping,” says WAZER co-founder and CEO, Nisan Lerea. “WAZER is not just the first desktop waterjet, it is the first desktop machine that can cut precision parts in any material. Before WAZER there was no CNC tool for cutting precision sheet metal under $100,000.”

WAZER can cut aluminum at 1/2 inch, stainless steel at 1/8 inch, and includes a complete material cutting library at wazer.com/materials. 

“The machine will allow engineers and designers to iterate faster by shortening the design cycle, ultimately developing better products,” Lerea explains, with potential to decentralize manufacturing in the process. “It will also allow manufacturers to provide more custom-tailored hardware solutions instead of relying on traditional, mass-manufactured products.”

For more information about WAZER, visit  wazer.com.