The new Weld-Mask welding goggles from Miller Electric Manufacturing Co. feature an extreme low-profile design that allows welding operators access into spaces where the use of a traditional welding helmet would be limited. The new auto-darkening goggles are usable for gas welding and cutting, as well as light-duty MIG, TIG and stick welding. Weld-Mask is ideal for maintenance, repair and installation applications, and specialized welding applications where alternative welding protection is needed due to space constraints.

For optimum comfort and protection, the lightweight Weld-Mask design significantly reduces neck strain and offers a tight-fitting eye covering to block out light from the welding or cutting arc. A flame-retardant head cover provides protection against ultraviolet and infrared rays and light spatter, while the replaceable silicon skirt design ensures a comfortable fit for a variety of face profiles. The Weld-Mask is usable under hard hats without the need for an adapter.

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