Hypertherm has introduced its new Duramax torch series for the Powermax1000 and Powermax1250 plasma systems. The company says they can withstand impacts five times greater than the previous generation of torches and are more heat resistant for demanding jobs. The Duramax torches use a new nozzle and spring electrode for longer consumable life. Testing shows an up to 55 percent increase in the life of the Duramax consumables, which translates into a 30 percent savings on consumable costs, the company says. The retrofit torches are also designed with the company’s easy torch removal connection, which enables switching from an older torch to the new one in just seconds. These retrofit torches use the same consumables as Hypertherm’s Powermax65 and Powermax85, allowing customers with a mix of systems to simplify their consumables stock. In addition, Spring Start technology eliminates moving parts within the torch for greater reliability.

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