This year’s Metalcon, which takes place Oct. 18-20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will cover a number of topics on metal construction, metal roofing, and the role of technology and automation in the sheet metal industry.  

“Thinking back on what we’ve offered since the first Metalcon, our core has always been the latest in field techniques and market opportunities, but the details have evolved,” said show director Claire Kilcoyne. “Much of that is because of the technology. It began with improving manufacturing and now a change in typical field processes. It’s exciting to be part of this evolution, which makes metal products even better and offers more opportunity for our exhibitors and attendees.”

Sessions on metal roofing include “The Roof: The Greatest Asset (or pain-in-the asset) to the Building,” delivered by Metal Roof Advisory Group’s Rob Haddock; “Why a Metal Roof? A 44-Year Perspective,” delivered by Metal Roof Consultants’ Chuck Howard; and the “Top 10 Things That Get Metal Roof Designers in Trouble,” delivered by BMG Enterprises’ Brian Gardiner and McElroy Metal’s Charlie Smith, among other presentations.

Attendees who are interested in becoming certified folder operators can attend Larry Chandonnet and Chandler Barden’s session on the do’s and don’ts of using metal folding and forming machinery.

Other topics include sessions on the industry and the expanding use of software systems, using drones in construction, adding more technology to your sheet metal business processes, the current labor and employment outlook, and the legalization of marijuana and its impact on the construction industry, among others.

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