Homeowners in hurricane- and wildfire-prone areas should consider replacing their asphalt or wood shingle roofs with metal.

The suggestions come from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which notes that materials such as standing-seam metal roofing are more resistant to fire and damage from natural disasters. The recommendation echoes what the Metal Roofing Alliance has been long been saying.

The alliance points out that metal roofing has a Class A fire rating — making it among the highest, most fire-resistant materials available. However, homeowners on the West Coast, as well as those in the South and Western U.S., are less likely to consider metal, said Renee Ramey, the MRA’s executive director.

“Homeowners in hurricane prone areas understand and are quite familiar with durability, strength and exceptional wind resistance benefits that metal roofs offers,” she said. “It’s time for homeowners in the west and in Canada to also realize that metal roofing can help protect their homes against extreme conditions particular to their areas, including dangers like wildfires.”

The warm months of spring and summer mean an increased risk of fire, and it’s an ideal time to consider adding a metal roof.

“Choosing home improvement products that look great, perform well and are made to last are always top priorities for homeowners,” Ramey said. “Now they also need to consider how to better protect their home against growing regional threats and extreme climate conditions. Thankfully, there are materials like metal roofing available that check all the boxes.”