Standing-seam metal roofing and sheet metal products maker Petersen Aluminum Corp. recently marked its 50th anniversary.

The Elk Grove Village, Ill.-based company was started by Maurice “Maury” Petersen in 1965 as an aluminum distributor before evolving into an architectural metals manufacturer in 1972.

“Fifty years in business is a noteworthy milestone, and we’re thrilled to not only still be in business, but to be thriving,” said CEO Mike Petersen. “Our ability to identify, plan for and adapt to a myriad of market opportunities has been a big reason for our success. I am proud to have taken the reins from my father and help build on the foundation he laid 50 years ago. This is an exciting time for Petersen Aluminum, and I think we’re in good position to tackle the next 50 years.”

It’s not uncommon for Petersen employees to have logged 20 or 30 years with the company, which is a testament to the kind of work environment the company provides, he added.

“We take pride in giving our personnel a chance to develop their skills in an entrepreneurial environment. I am proud of how many people have chosen to devote their careers to PAC,” he said.

Petersen Vice President Mike Palesny credits the company’s customer-focused attitude for its success.

“We may not be the lowest price in the marketplace, but we are always competitive and are second to no one in terms of customer service levels,” he said. “And we pay attention to what the market wants. For example, at our early stages in the architectural marketplace, our focus was on anodized finishes. We recognized in the late 70s that Kynar was the future and successfully made that tack. In the late 1980s and early 1990s we recognized the call for factory-formed roofing panels and dove in. Now we’re seeing the company focus on the entire building envelope, and of particular interest the exterior walls. I think our wall panel business will be a source of real growth for the company in the next 10 years.”

Palesny predicted Petersen will continue to expand and might add to its product lines.

“We are a conservatively managed company and I think our future is bright,” he said. “We’ve adapted to market shifts by paying attention to our balance sheet, paying off our debts and listening to our customers, which we will continue to do.”

Currently available Petersen products include architectural and structural roofing, metal wall panels, soffit, composite panels, edge metals, aluminum and steel coils and flat sheet in painted, anodized and mill finishes.

 Its metal standing-seam roofing products include exposed fastener panels, flush panels, composite wall panels and column covers. All are available in Pac-Clad Kynar 500 finishes in 38 standard colors for steel and 37 for aluminum. Many meet Cool Roof Rating Council certification, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and Energy Star requirements, the company said.