Safety and sustainability were a part of the main focus during the construction of a learning center’s third location — and roofing company McElroy Metal was up for the job.

The newest Kid’s Castle Learning Center is located in Decatur, Ill. The goal of all three daycare facilities is to “provide child care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years of age, in a safe and educational environment.”

Energy efficiency was another focus of the building owners. The 22,000-square-foot facility uses less electricity than a 9,000-square-foot facility, and its ventilation system draws in fresh air three times every hour, officials say.

The importance of aesthetics on the outside of the building was also emphasized, including enclosing the air-intake systems and all kitchen, plumbing and heating exhausts. Dormers were installed along the back of the roof to hide these penetrations.

“They wanted to cover up any of the less-than-attractive exhaust pipes and stacks,” said project architect Ryan Alexander of Architectural Expressions LLP in Forsyth, Ill. “It was definitely an aesthetic the owners wanted and with the metal dormers, we were able to provide that. Metal roofing was a little more expensive than shingles, but the owners were willing to pay that initial cost for the aesthetics, durability and a better warranty.

McElroy Metal’s Medallion-Lok 16-inch standing-seam panels in a PVDF Evergreen finish were installed on the roof, as well as on the faces of the dormers. In all, approximately 37,000 square feet of products from McElroy Metal were used on the project.

“The green roof really looks great; it really stands out,” Anderson said. “And the barrel-vault entry was another aesthetically appealing touch. We were fortunate that McElroy has a rep nearby to recommend the best products for each application.”

Dwayne Jess, owner of Prairieland Construction LLC of Arthur, Ill., headed up the installation of the McElroy Metal roofing, soffit and fascia products.

  “We started in the back installing around the dog houses (dormers),” he said. “The dog houses really gave the project a great look, a clean look; and so did the canopy at the main entrance. McElroy Metal sent out a curver for the roof panels on that and it looks great. The soffit panels on the bottom side of the canopy were installed perpendicular to the building so they weren’t curved.”’