Butler Manufacturing’s is celebrating its MR-24 roof system’s 45th anniversary.

MR-24 is the first and most specified standing-seam roof system, the company says.

“Butler has pioneered leading-edge innovations, such as the MR-24 roof system, that result in more efficient, cost-effective buildings,” said Harry Yeatman, the company’s vice president of sales and strategy. “The precision-engineered design of the MR-24 roof system ensures not only the long-term performance of the roof system, but also the building itself.”  

MR-24 roofs protect 2.1 billion square feet of buildings across the globe, company officials say.

“Whether their objective is to produce more goods in a manufacturing facility, showcase merchandise in a retail space or provide comfortable space for employees, all building owners share a common goal: to have a measurable return on investment,” said Rodger Russ, North American sales manager of roofing at Butler Manufacturing. “The roof — one of the most critical components of a building — should be selected to provide superior performance and save money based on life cycle costs.”

 Recent enhancements to the MR-24 roof system include daylighting, tested energy performance and an energy-efficient finish system.