The Metal Construction Association has added five companies to its membership: Byrne Metals Corp., Decra Roofing Systems, DI Roof Seamers, S-5 and TopHat Framing.

“Joining the MCA was an easy decision for us,” said DI’s marketing coordinator, Jonathan Rider. “DI Roof Seamers is very proud of our association with such an amazing group and we look forward to many years of working together with MCA. We feel that the mission and collective interest of the MCA are things that we passionately share.”

Tim Lane, president of TopHat, said he is looking forward to networking and discussing industry-related issues with other members.

 “There is no better way to meet so many members of our industry than at an MCA meeting,” Lane said. “But that was only one of my reasons for joining the association. I also look forward to engaging at the council level on issues specific to my business so together we can move the industry in a positive direction.”