Attendees of Metalcon this month will have a trade show floor packed with exhibitors to greet them, organizers say.

“The show floor has more diversity than in recent years,” said Paulo Gomes da Costa, the show’s sales manager. “The show is changing. There will be some exhibitors at the show with products never seen before at Metalcon and that’s a good thing. We’ve got 48 new exhibitors and they all do something different.”

The metal building and construction show will take place Oct. 1-3 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

Gomes de Costa said makers of roll-forming machinery are boosting their presence this year, as are software developers.

Show producer Claire Kilcoyne credits Metalcon’s attendees with helping shape the show.

“The growing variety of exhibitors is a direct result of our attendees,” Kilcoyne said. “We attract contractors who run large operations building multi-story commercial and institutional buildings as well as contractors who have one or two crews, installing residential metal roofing. Architects are on the trade show floor searching for innovative, durable and sustainable products and metal has plenty to offer. Exhibitors and potential exhibitors recognize that their customers are attending Metalcon, so the number of exhibitors as well as the variety of exhibitors, continues to grow.” 

The full exhibitor list is at

Organizers say attendees of this month’s Metalcon in Denver will find a busy and varied trade show floor.