Kalzip is touting recent research that found the company’s roof products maintain high durability after long-term exposure to potentially corrosive pollutants.

The testing was performed by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Germany, and was carried out over more than 40 years.

Three roof installations were selected for their different atmospheric conditions, including marine, urban and industrial. After more than four decades of monitoring the roofs, the Kalzip products were presented with a BBA-certified life expectancy in excess of 40 years. The BBA is the British Board of Agreement, and is the United Kingdom’s authority offering approval and certification services to manufacturers and installers for the construction industry.

In addition to the third-party certification the results are recognized by the German Zulassung, French Avis Technique and Factory Mutual quality standards.

“The results from this report compellingly prove Kalzip’s outstanding durability, even in aggressive environments,” said Dan Vinet, Kalzip general manager for the North American market. “This type of research that offers comprehensive documentation of progress corrosion is extraordinary. It is a great testimony to Kalzip’s ability to provide roofing with the long-term durability and high performance standards that owners and designers want for their building projects.”