RectorSeal Corp. is entering into the bid-and-specification business with a new division, Engineered HVAC/R Products.

Parts of RectorSeal’s Big Foot Systems, SlimDuct and Aspen Pumps will be marketed through manufacturer representatives that specialize in this market. The rest of the products will continue to be sold through traditional industry wholesalers, said Gerry Spanger, director of the new division.

“The products accommodate discerning engineers and architects that design projects all the way down to equipment mounts, line-set ducting, condensate pumps and all the other basic accessories which ensure a professional, high-performance installation,” Spanger said. “If basic accessories aren’t specified, the installer chooses products and methods based solely on price, or omits them altogether, which results in poor aesthetics and/or equipment performance that ultimately affects the engineer’s reputation.”

Houston-based RectorSeal obtained the brands when it purchased AirTec Products in 2011.