No matter how much you try to keep track of all the moving pieces at job site, it’s those unexpected surprises that make you wish you could quickly shoot back to your shop for a regroup. Whether you are fabricating a part or managing an installation from start to finish, here are a few top-rated apps that will keep you and your crew on track to a job well done. 

For planning



Compatible for iOS or Android devices.

The PlanGrid construction platform connects your entire project team, online or offline, from mobile to desktop. Everything saved in the app is synced to your devices so that nothing is lost during building turn over. The app reports customers saving an average of 6.5 hours per week, per user, due to faster responsiveness and reduced rework and paper. PlanGrid also allows you to connect the field, trailer, and office with up-to-date blueprints, markups, punch lists, RFIs, keeping everyone on the same page and plan. Download the app at

For sizing

Duct Sizing

ASHRAE HVAC Duct Sizer App

Compatible for iOS or Android devices.

This app, backed by American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), enables you to quickly size an HVAC duct run or a range of duct sizes using the constant friction method. Specify duct shape (rectangular, round, or oval), air temperature and pressure through the app and size ducts in I-P or SI units by airflow or dimensions, specifying the aspect ratio and either air velocity or friction loss. Email HTML and .csv output of inputs and results to perform further analysis back to your home office for further inspection. Download the app at

For fitting

duct fitting

ASHRAE HVAC Duct Fitting App

Compatible for iOS or Android devices.

Complementing the duct sizer app is the duct fitting app, also by ASHRAE. Perform pressure loss calculations for all ASHRAE duct fittings in both I-P and SI units. Use this mobile app in the field for quick duct pressure loss calculations. The inputs can be adjusted by touch, and installation is automatic.

The latest update to app incorporates all of the updates for the desktop version over the past 8 years, including more than 30 new fittings, plus updated fitting calcs, reports, and many other new features. Download the app at

For paperwork

joist app

Joist App for Contractors

Compatible for iOS or Android devices.

Because Joist is a cloud app, users can quickly draw up estimates, invoices and accept payments from any device enabled with app for free. The app works well with Quickbooks, which is available as an in-app purchase for $9.99 or annually for $90.99, and allows users check off the professional paperwork fast. In the app, Joist allows you to attach a client contract and collect a signature on the spot. Once everything is signed and sealed, export everything back to home office to archive your client profiles and previous and job details. Download the app at

For sketches


SketchUp Viewer

Compatible for iOS or Android devices.

Given that project sketches often reside in numerous places, the SketchUp Viewer app allows you to access models from 3D Warehouse, Trimble Connect, Dropbox, and through the file option on your device. Open SketchUp models attached to email messages directly from mail and transfer files directly to the app using iTunes for Apple users or using an SD card for Android users. What’s more is SketchUp is parable with Microsoft HoloLens. Using the see-what-we-see viewing sessions, users can give clear, concise instruction about design and spatial issues, keeping everyone in the loop via virtual reality. Download the app at

For drafting

drafting app

Trimble FabShop Mobile

Compatible for iOS or Android devices.

You can’t mention CAD software without mentioning Trimble. The Trimble FabShop mobile app allows you to connect back to your desktop for fitting libraries, automatic and manual segmenting. Create customized labels and reports in the app, tap into automatic shape nesting while staying fully integrated with your plasma cutting tables, coil lines, and CAD programs back at the shop. Fitting input is quick, simple, and non-repetitive The software includes tools that allow users to import fitting information (for fabrication) directly from several CAD software programs, including Trimble DuctDesigner 3D. Trimble FabShop software customers can also import data from the Trimble AutoBid SheetMetal. Download the app at