A large combined resort and convention center in Colorado opened its doors in 2018. The sprawling complex houses 1,501 rooms, convention center space and an extensive indoor/outdoor water park.

The hotel and convention center features several A-framed rooftops, reminiscent of a mountaintop chalet. The unique design of the 12-story hotel made it challenging to specify louvers that didn’t interfere with the building’s aesthetics.

Ruskin Creates Unique Louver Shape

When project managers and LONG Building Technologies – the Ruskin representative – engaged with Ruskin to specify louvers for the hotel and convention center, a triangle design was first discussed. But it was soon discovered there were issues with space limitations, as well as obstruction of mechanical equipment behind the openings.

Ruskin proposed creating a specialty-shaped trapezoid louver that could fit in a space right below the roof level. Ruskin offered to help design the trapezoid louvers, which included figuring out what size the trapezoid louvers needed to be in order to maintain their original design criteria.

New Shape Doesn’t Impact Specification

Ruskin was able to create a redesign using the same triangular louver originally specified. The company simply changed the design to a trapezoid to fit in to the wall application. This was important since the selected louver (EME520DD) was specified for its wind-driven rain and snow-load resistance. Ruskin customized 27 trapezoid-shaped louvers ranging from 159 inches to 297 inches in width. A total of 78 louvers – both rectangular and square – were specified for the project. 

Ruskin Thinks “Outside the Louver”

The partnership with the hotel and convention center demonstrated Ruskin’s ability to provide creative solutions to its customers without sacrificing performance. To date, the customized louvers have been delivering on their promise to provide exceptional protection during rain and snow events, while offering an aesthetically-pleasing product to complement the hotel’s façade.