Modine Manufacturing Co. has a commercial maintenance checklist and inspection form to help property owners, facility managers and HVAC construction contractors stay on task this winter.

“The winter months can wreak havoc on your HVAC systems if you’re not prepared,” said Kimberly Raduenz, marketing communications manager for Modine. “This checklist gives everyone, from the property owner to the contractor working on the HVAC equipment, handy tips to ensure their system is in top shape during the coldest months of the year.”

The three-page document covers general maintenance, gas supply, gas controls, air movers, condensate removal and disposal systems, thermostats, etc. The checklist also comes with start-up tips and a record keeping form.

“Our goal as a leader in the HVAC industry is to ensure everyone is prepared,” said Raduenz. “In addition to offering helpful tips like this checklist, we offer USA made products with the availability to ship next day or same day in most cases. This is crucial when a system goes down, especially in winter, and you need a fast replacement.”