Thermostat Recycling Corp. has named a Chicago suburb’s fire department its August Collection Partner of the Month.

The Naperville, Illinois, Fire Department — one of four permanent household hazardous waste drop-off sites in the state — has collected 869 mercury-containing thermostats in the last five years.

The city complex also allows residents to dispose of used medications, paper and electronics for recycling or safe discarding.

Capt. Rick Zakaras of the city’s fire department said residents are very conscientious.

“People in and around our community want to do the right thing,” Zakaras said. “They are thrilled with our program and happy to dispose of mercury properly.”

TRC Executive Director Ryan Kiscaden said recycling common in Naperville.

“The Naperville Fire Department is an important piece of a larger sustainability culture that is driven by the municipality itself,” Kiscaden said. “In 2016, alone, the city diverted 340 tons of household hazardous waste, which included mercury thermostats, from the ecosystem. This coordinated effort is a great example for other local governments to follow.”

Thermostat Recycling Corp. is an HVAC manufacturer-funded nonprofit that works to remove discontinued mercury thermostats from the marketplace. More thab 2.1 million thermostats have been recycled since 1998, the group said.