Until the end of the year, HVAC market company Unico is giving HVAC construction contractors a $500 rebate for every iSeries outdoor heat pump they sell.

Scott Intagliata, Unico’s marketing director, said it’s a popular unit.

“The iSeries is the first and only multi-split product that combines the best of ducted and ductless technology,” Intagliata said. “This means you can give customers the advantages of the Unico System – even temperatures, no drafts, and small ducts for better aesthetics – along with high wall units to help solve design or construction challenges.”

Customers like the efficiency, he added.

“Standard HVAC systems are constantly cycling on and off, consuming a great deal of power. Inverter technology is so much more efficient and will really help customers reduce energy consumption and utility costs,” Intagliata said.

Details are at www.unicosystem.com.