Oklahoma HVAC maker RAE Corp. announced Tuesday that all of the company’s facilities will close July 5-6 for renovations, including installing air conditioning in one plant.

“With last year’s record heat and our company’s record sales, we experienced a significant impact in the efficiency of our manufacturing plant,” said Kevin Trowhill, the company’s vice president of sales. “We made the promise to our employees to improve the working conditions in our plant.”

The closures may affect the time it takes for customers to receive products, RAE officials added.

“We are committed to our employees and our customers. These enhancements will help equip our staff to better handle the business during the hot summer months and reduce our lead times in the long term,” Trowhill said. “More importantly, the renovations will help continue our tradition of quality products by providing our employees with comfortable and safe working conditions.”

RAE will also be closed July 4 to observe Independence Day.