HVAC/R Electrical Troubleshooting: Deciding where to begin DVD


Product Details

In this HVAC training video program, Jim presents a series of troubleshooting scenarios and discusses a common-sense approach to deciding where to begin (and more importantly, where not to waste your time) when tracking down the source of the problem in an HVACR electrical system.

Problem Situations:

-A package unit that's not cooling.
-A reach-in refrigerator that's not working at all.
-A gas furnace that's not heating.
-An electric furnace that's blowing cool air.
-A heat pump that's not running.

You can use this video as an independent study guide, or it can be used in conjunction with an available Instructor's Guide that contains transparencies a facilitator can use on an overhead projector, along with instructor notes and instructions on how to present additional information to technicians while conducting an in-house training session. Interactive technician/student workbooks that are intended for use during an facilitator-led training session are also available.

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