Electrical Fundamentals for HVAC/R Technicians


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In "Electrical Fundamentals For HVAC/R Technicians, A Practical Approach To Electrical Troubleshooting & Servicing Comfort Cooling Systems" well-known HVAC industry trainer Jim Johnson takes the mystery out of electrical troubleshooting. In this two-hour video presentation, he takes the technician through the process of building a dual voltage schematic for a comfort cooling system, then shows just how simple it is to correctly troubleshoot a circuit and track down and isolate a problem.

Are there elements of theory included in the program?

"Absolutely," says Johnson.

"But it isn’t done in the "traditional" academic manner. Electrical theory is presented as part of the program, but is woven in and around the practical aspects of HVAC training and using a meter to test and troubleshoot circuits and components. Technicians aren’t bored with long theoretical explanations before they get to the stuff that really interests them, which is how to troubleshoot a system and get it fixed."

And, technicians don’t just zone out in front of the T.V. set for two hours. They participate.

This HVAC training video, which is available in DVD format, is packed with a resource guide that the technician uses interactively as they watch the presentation. They actually go through the step-by-step process of getting a schematic diagram down on paper along with Jim, then use the diagram to troubleshoot the four problems that are presented at the end of the program. Jim recommends that service companies who want to use the video to train several technicians at once photocopy the resource guide and provide a copy for each technician watching the video.

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