Replacing a dirty air filter is simple and less time-consuming. If you want to keep your house comfortable during absurd weather, replace the filters to get fresh air to breathe.


Having your own house must cost you a considerable amount of money. Does it make sense if you don't make a bit more financial investment in changing HVAC air filters for your home? Assuredly, no. The HVAC filter of your house keeps your home's heating and cooling system running smoothly and efficiently. 

Symptoms of a Dirty Air Filter  

As a responsible house owner, you must ensure the air filter is free from potential pollutants and debris. Be aware of the signs listed below:

  • Engine power reduces
  • Engine misfires
  • Reduction of fuel efficiency
  • Dirty-looking air filter
  • Changes in the color of the filter
  • Higher energy bills
  • Rise of physical issues
  • Inadequate airflow

The above signs indicate you have a faulty air filter that needs replacement in no time. When the symptoms are visible, never wait to replace your direty air filters. You can choose Custom Filters Direct – a residential air filters supplier to get quality air filters delivered.

5 Problems Dirty Air Filters Causes

Only a five-minute, cheap, easy task can help you get a clean air filter. It's better not to put off changing your air filter for so long. This ignorant tendency of a homeowner should bear the high cost of repairing in the long run. You can get some ideas about the adverse side effects of ignoring the fundamental needs of your house and cleaning residential air filters. Here are some of the following problems you may face.

High electricity bill: The HVAC system is the central air conditioning system of your house that works to circulate the air continually. But every machine needs some proper care to work effectively. When the care is insufficient, the airflow will be impeded by the dirty air filter. The whole system must go through complexities to cool the house. As a result, the system has to work harder to pull sufficient air throughout the house. The more energy a machine requires, the more bills you must count. 

Airflow reduction: When the dirty air filter reduces your house's airflow, it increases the strain on the blower fan simultaneously. The airflow reduction of the air filter causes severe health issues like fatigue, headache, breathing difficulty, and cold.

Bad air quality: You can't expect fresh air when your air filter is dirty. The air filter is designed to filter out the microscopic particles and lower the smoke's intensity. But the recirculation of those particles occurs in your house when you have a blocked filter. 

Furnace failure: The blower fans push the air through the filter. However, the working capacity gets lower when the filter is clogged with debris and dust, and it has to struggle to pass the air through the clogged air filter. This situation will eventually turn into the burnout of your blower fan motor. The system will collapse this way, and you will experience inconsistent air temperature in your house.

Growth of bacterial species: When the filter gets too congested during the summer cooling period, you will see a lack of airflow in the cooling coils. The lack of sufficient airflow makes it very difficult for the AC unit to reduce heat from the air of your house and make it cool. The air conditioning system of your house will break down. The evaporator coil will mix with the bacterial species, dirt, and mold. 

When and How to Clean the Air Filter?

Replacing a dirty air filter is an inexpensive option that extends the lifespan of your HVAC system, improves indoor air quality, and saves you money. Your air filter can show you different symptoms that point to it requiring to be replaced, removed, or cleaned as soon as possible. Build your custom air filters for home. Follow some steps to clean the air filter:

  • Shut off the furnace
  • Spot the air filter's position
  • Fix the size of the air filter your house requires
  • Remove the old one and install a new one
  • Turn on the furnace


Buying a house is the most significant investment you have ever made. So, preserving all the critical systems of your house should be your prior responsibility. You already know about the side effects of a dirty filter in your house. Every homeowner should ensure a comfortable space for their family during the unbearable heat of the summer or cold of the winter.