Testing and balancing skills are in demand. But at the start of Jack Webster’s career 50 years ago, he says those who specialized in balancing were often called “prima donnas,” because they didn't get their hands dirty.

“However, that’s not true. Balancing sheet metal workers get above the ceiling, they look for things that are making the system go right or wrong,” says Webster, who now serves on a committee with ITI Smart Solutions. Webster’s been a construction safety consultant for the past six years after decades of membership with the Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Bureau (TABB).

“There are many different things you get involved with above the ceiling. So it just takes a different person with a different aptitude and a thirst for trying to resolve a problem,” he adds. He contrasts the current direction of testing and balancing HVAC systems to when he started his career.

“Back in the old days, if they got airflow, that was all they were concerned about,” Webster says. “Now it's a certain amount of airflow, you have systems designed for so many CFMs and then the velocity that comes out of the ductwork is designed so that you get the maximum amount in a designated area.”

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