If you subscribe to the notion that hindsight is “always 20/20,” then you’ll need this year’s SNIPS State of the Industry report to get you through year 2020.

Created, researched and refined — in collaboration with Clear Seas Research — we’ve conducted a full analysis of 2019’s sheet metal market characteristics and HVAC product use among industry professionals. In short: everything you need to know today to build a better tomorrow.  

Categories studied include sheet metal fabrication equipment, spiral duct products, duct cleaning, connectors, fasteners, and other duct hardware, adhesives, sealants and coatings. Now, without further ado, here is a sampling of what we know: 

Current HVAC related sheet metal applications are reported to be

Residential hvac work Light commercial HVAC Commercial HVAC work

on average with a similar project mix expected for the next five years.

Sheet metal and HVAC business forecast

Business is expected to remain stable or increase across most products, with the largest increased involvement projected to be indoor air quality, building information management and zoning. 

Top five challenges in the next 12 months include: 

Top five challenges in hvac and sheet metal industry graph

Top product materials (by % share of total projects) used by contractors: (n=127-142)

  • 39% Duct fabrication/installation
  • 34% Sheet metal fabrication
  • 28% Duct sealing/coating

Top product materials (by % share of total projects) used by engineers: (n=66-86)

  • 60% Duct fabrication/installation
  • 54% Sheet metal fabricating
  • 54% Zoning
  • 54% Duct sealing/coating

Most common product offerings among wholesalers: (n=41)

  • 66% Zoning
  • 54% Duct coating/sealing
  • 46% Indoor air quality measurements
  •  44% Spiral ducts

Current purchase channels in HVAC and sheet metal industry

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