Converting rectangle duct systems to spiral oval has been one of our recipes from the inception. Spiral oval duct measuring 150 inches by 60 inches is unique to us, as well as our patented AccuFlange connector

To our knowledge there is no other equipment manufacturer or fabricator that has developed equipment that can come close to making spiral oval in these giant size ranges. Our previous record for largest spiral oval was 144 by 48 inches. 

We are extremely knowledgeable regarding the U.S. and European markets related to machinery, technology and capacity to fabricate duct systems. We guarantee our customers the fastest installation, and the best value at the end of their projects. We at AccuDuct also have the ability and history of fabricating on site throughout the United States.

This article originally appeared in the January 2015 issue of SNIPS magazine. This article and its image were supplied by AccuDuct Manufacturing.