Washington University School of Medicine’s department of radiation oncology had a number of renovations done as part of a project to update the facility with the latest amenities. With the help of ISS Insulation Services & Solutions, the school was able to replace its outdated and damaged insulation on the facility’s indoor and outdoor HVAC ducts and water pipes.

As part of the renovations, ISS installed 9,000 square feet of exterior ductwork wrapped with 2-inch polyisocyanurate insulation board. The insulation was covered with a poly guard jacket for increased thermal efficiency and sloped for improved water drainage. The company also insulated the exterior water piping with fiberglass insulation, which was covered with an aluminum jacket and PVC fitting covers.

To prevent damage from weather and freezing temperatures, the piping was equipped with heat-trace cables, and the valves on the piping system were insulated with rubber and coated with weather-resistant paint. ISS also reinsulated the chilled water piping in the rooftop air handling unit penthouse and the lower-level mechanical room.