From Aug. 1-5, members of the National Association of Home Builders’ Building Systems Councils are celebrating Building Systems Week, an event designed to educate members and consumers on the advantages of systems-built homes.

NAHB members are engaging with consumers via social media outreach and other marketing efforts on the benefits of systems-built homes as opposed to traditional stick-built homes. For example, systems-built homes require fewer man hours to build once they arrive on-site and also score high on the green-building scale thanks to a reduction in material waste in both the factory and job site, officials say.

“All systems-built homes are compliant with local building codes, and the components are engineered to withstand the rigors of transportation to the site — an aspect that offers an added layer of strength and durability to the home,” said Buddy Hughes, BSC chairman and president of Hughes Corp. in Lexington, North Carolina. “BSC members have been at the forefront of new construction techniques and building technologies, which benefits the consumer.”