Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group is celebrating its 180th anniversary this year.  

Founded as James Foster, Jr. & Cincinnati, the manufacturer of HVAC market temperature and pressure measurement devices, began in 1836. The company was originally established to manufacture flue gas thermometers for the state of Ohio. The company later developed products for local industry in Cincinnati, eventually expanding their offering worldwide today.

Family-owned and operated, Palmer Wahl has been based from its 50,000-square-foot facility on 8 acres in Asheville, North Carolina, since 1987. 

“Palmer Wahl has been on the forefront of temperature product development, and our high quality instruments have kept us in business for 180 years,” said Palmer Wahl President Stephen J. Santangelo. “We thank our customers for their support and their business – without which we would never have achieved such longevity.  We look forward to continuing our commitment to solving temperature related problems, product quality, and customer service.”