Metal roofing maker Butler Manufacturing now offers a Spanish version of its website at

It offers the same sheet metal works and roofing product information as the company’s English language site, including ownership costs and available international construction services.

“Butler Manufacturing is a buildings solutions provider, but our offerings extend far beyond structural steel, roofing systems and wall panels,” said Butler marketing director Leslie Clark. “We think differently about buildings and the building process. Our website is a core resource for customers and potential customers to learn how we’re able to add business value to their projects, and we’re excited that it’s now more accessible for those who speak Spanish.”

The new site also bolsters the sheet metal forming company’s presence in Latin America, officials added.

“Butler built a reputation as a trusted building solutions provider in Central and South America,” said Horacio Campaña, Butler’s head of Latin American operations. “With the Spanish language website, Butler is making it easier than ever for customers there to learn more about the vast array of solutions we offer. This will help inform their decisions when looking for a building resource that offers efficiency and quality.”

Both the English and Spanish websites have been optimized for mobile viewing on smartphones and tablets.

“With the growing demand for a better user experience, it was important for our website to have easy navigation and readability when viewed on all screen types,” Clark said. “A mobile-optimized site, in addition to a traditional desktop version, helps Butler deliver customers the quality experience the organization is known for while they’re surfing the Web.”