ClimateMaster now offers the Tranquility TSL Series vertical stack heat pumps for the HVAC market.

The product is the only vertical stack product for system applications that required ductwork fabrication, the company said. Inexpensive and simple, it makes installation of ducted stack units easier, officials added. It also has independent metering capabilities for use in offices, hospitality and apartments.

"Continuing the tradition of customer need-focused innovation, ClimateMaster has developed the new Tranquility TSL Series unit to better accommodate ducted applications that require either a shorter cabinet or higher static,” said ClimateMaster marketing director Raj Hiremath. “Also, with integrated, highly configurable iGate DXM2 controls, contractors can fine-tune the TSL unit’s airflow (in 25 cubic feet per minute increments) using a digital service tool — a convenience and control that no other manufacturer provides.  The result is a high-quality, uniquely engineered HVAC solution, which is also provided at an excellent price point and value."