When it comes to LEED-certified projects, Sweden is a standout, according to a new U.S. Green Building Council report.

Most Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-registered projects there go on to reach gold (67 percent) or platinum (23 percent) certification, the report says.

So far this year, six projects have been certified. If that rate is maintained, 33 percent more projects will be certified this year compared with 2013, the USGBC said.

"As we look overseas to foster further momentum in our movement to transform the built environment, Sweden stands as a worthy example of a nation intent on creating high-performance structures that enhance the well-being of their occupants as well as the planet," said Rick Fedrizzi, the president, CEO and founding chairman of the green council. "Sweden is an unequivocal leader that has, time and again, demonstrated its commitment to healthy buildings and healthy people, and we are proud to showcase its strategies and successes in our latest LEED in Motion report."

According to the report, there are 57 LEED-certified projects totaling 1.1 million gross square meters space in the country.