Regulatory issues were among the popular topics at ATMOsphere America 2013, which took place June 17-19 in Washington, D.C.

Session speakers included Sam Gladis, the business director of heat pumps at Vilter Manufacturing LLC, which is part of Emerson Climate Technologies.

Gladis took part in the supply chain panel discussion, which focused on the use of natural refrigerants and included input from consultants, suppliers, associations and users.

“I believe the HVAC&R industry in the U.S. has made significant headway when it comes to utilizing natural refrigerants in an industrial setting,” Gladis said. “But, in order to drive a greater acceptance of natural refrigerants, we need an industry-wide effort to educate customers.”

A similar effort has been under way in Europe, where there is growing acceptance of the product, Gladis said.

“Since Emerson’s first ammonia heat pump installation in the United Kingdom three years ago, which reduced the amount of coal needed to run the factory by approximately 50 percent, Emerson has installed an additional 17 ammonia systems around the globe, 14 of which are located in Europe,” Gladis said.