ASHRAE is looking for people to contribute to its upcoming conference on indoor air quality.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers is seeking abstracts for IAQ 2013, which is scheduled for Oct. 15-18 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The focus will be on health, environmentally friendly low-energy buildings.

“Besides addressing thermal comfort and other IEQ (indoor environmental quality) issues, buildings and other enclosed spaces are increasingly challenged to provide a healthy environment while focused on minimizing energy use intensity,” said Steve Emmerich, a conference co-chairman.

Hal Levin, also a committee chairman, said the issue is a tricky one.

“The complex relationship between indoor and outdoor environmental conditions, coupled with the impacts of climate change, requires a paradigm shift towards creating buildings that are not only comfortable but also healthy for the occupants while minimizing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

For details, and to submit an abstract fewer than 300 words, go to The submission deadline is Dec. 15.