Hypertherm announced that it will feature its new HyIntensity Fiber Laser HFL015 system at Fabtech Nov. 2-4 in Atlanta. The new fiber laser cutting systems contains all components in one package, including the power source, cutting head, gas supply, operator interface consoles, motion controls and software.

“Our fiber laser system is unique in that all of the components are engineered and designed to work together. Cutting application specialists defined and validated all of the cutting parameters so our partners and their customers can easily use laser for a broad range of applications including marking, efficient processing of gauge and fractional materials, and fine feature cutting,” said Doug Shuda, Hypertherm’s fiber laser product manager. “Hypertherm partners and their customers no longer have to choose between plasma and laser. They can choose both, applying the best cutting technology for each particular job.”

Hypertherm officials also said that fiber laser technology offers several advantages over CO2 laser systems. According to the company, it requires little maintenance, is more energy efficient, and takes up less space.