The Society of Manufacturing Engineers, which co-sponsors next month's annual Fabtech show, is debuting an awards program for new technologies.

The contest, “Technologies That Could Change the Way You Manufacture,” is accepting nominations through Nov. 12. Applicants will be assessed on how ready the technology is for the market, how much of a potential impact it could have and similar criteria.

The categories are: automated manufacturing and assembly; forming and fabricating; industrial laser; machining and material removal; plastics, composites and coatings; manufacturing education and research; rapid technologies and additive manufacturing; and product and process design and management.

An expert panel will review nominations in each category and select the finalists. The winners will be selected a separate committee.

Mark Tomlinson, SME executive director and general manager, said the group hopes all members will benefit from the contest.

“With the wide range of new technologies available each year, manufacturers are looking for guidance to determine which might be applicable to their organization,” Tomlinson said. “We are harnessing the expertise of our members to evaluate these new initiatives and to help manufacturers discover and adopt those technologies that will make them more efficient and more competitive.”

For details and the nomination form, go