RectorSeal Corp., the U.S. and Canada representative for Aspen Pumps, introduces the MicroV ductless mini-split air-conditioner condensate pump. Featuring Silent Plus technology and univolt power supply, the MicroV pump is ideal for minisplit condensate-management applications requiring a compact unit with high capacity and low noise. The company says the MicroV’s Silent Plus technology features an anti-vibration bracket, an acoustic dampener, a proprietary sound-attenuating high performance motor and one of the industry’s quietest pump ratings.

The power supply automatically recognizes input voltages from 100 to 250 without any capacity changes, therefore eliminating potential performance fluctuations caused by electrical supply variations. It also prevents mismatched voltage connections. The compact MicroV includes a 5-foot-long power cable and reduces the number of condensate pumps wholesalers need to stock. The MicroV’s labor-saving plug-and-play wiring enables quick pump installation or replacement without requiring a second pair of hands.

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