Gripnail has introduced its new Tack-Mounts to help make the installation of machinery wiring faster and easier. The company says the mounts eliminate hours of preparatory work previously required to install cable tie mounting brackets. Tack-Mounts fasten without creating drill chips that can damage valve seats and electric motors or contaminate equipment intended for use in clean environments. The Tack-Mounts are manufactured from a special impact-resistant plastic with pre-inserted hardened steel Metal-Tacks. Place the Tack-Mount on the tip of an Amtak air tool, position it and drive the pre-inserted Metal-Tack directly into the metal surface. With Tack-Mounts, no drilling or tapping is required. Nor is there any need to remove grease, oil and rust to prepare surfaces, as would be the case for adhesive-backed tie mounts. Each Tack Mount will support up to 250 pounds and can fasten into steel, cast iron, and aluminum.

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