Optrel’s new crystal2.0 welding helmet pairs with the company’s e3000 PAPR powered air purifying respirator to create a system that delivers active eye protection, visual clarity, and safety against airborne particulates for workers during welding or grinding operations.   

The NIOSH-approved crystal2.0 e3000 PAPR system protects welders from 99.8 percent of respiratory particulates including smoke, aerosol, and dust — providing up to 500x cleaner breathing air. It also meets industry standards US ANSI Z87.1, European CE (EN379, EN166, EN175), and complies with Canadian standard CSA Z94.3.

“The cystal2.0 e3000 PAPR is an extension using our existing blower,” explains Grant Cooper, CEO of Optrel, inc. “The blower was announced in 2016, and it took three years to develop the crystal lens technology. The crystal2.0 welding helmet was introduced in November.”

Optrel’s CEO Grant Cooper answers a few FAQs

Is the crystal2.0 e3000 PAPR system in response to changing regulations around welding fumes?

Optrel has always been conscious of welders’ respiratory protection and we work hard at continuing to provide the best protection available above and beyond current regulations. 

How has optrel’s views changed around welding fumes?

There is — appropriately — more awareness in the market than ever before in regard to worker safety. With that increased awareness we want to provide the welder more safety options that meet their specific protection needs. That is why we continue to innovate with a strong focus on worker safety and overall comfort — including sight protection as well as welding fumes and other workplace risks for welders and grinders.

Does this respiratory system work with other helmets outside of optrel?

NIOSH requires that all system components be produced by one manufacturer. Thus we’re following the NIOSH guidelines in keeping optrel systems working together.

The crystal2.0 e3000 PAPR system is immediately available. A high-altitude version is also available.

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This story originally appeared in the June 2019 issue of SNIPS magazine.