ProGlove, the Germany-based manufacturer of a smart, wearable technology that provides hands-free scanning solutions across a number of industries, unveiled its MARK 2 to a U.S. audience at the 2019 ProMat trade show earlier this year.   

The new MARK 2 can connect to a corporate network via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or 868 MHz radio frequency. It enables the user to scan up to 5 feet away from a device and includes a battery that holds up to a 15-hour charge. In combination with tablets, smartphones and other portable devices, employees have the freedom to work without a station. Instant worker feedback from the MARK 2 provides information to employees, reporting errors or pointing out prioritized shipments.

“Our product connects the worker to the IIoT and is enabling industrial workers and management teams around the world to close the digital chain,” says ProGlove CEO Andreas König. “We have just started to scratch the surface on the capabilities of this technology and the companies it can positively impact. Above all, we’re putting humans at the center of our technology and strengthening their role in an era of increased automation.”

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This story originally appeared in the July 2019 issue of SNIPS magazine.